We are back and the printers are running non-stop!

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We got home just over a week ago.  Since our return, we have added several products to the page:

  1. We designed toppers for a few sets of generic frames that we purchased and are selling frame, toppers, and glasses cases as a finished set.  These are meant to allow people to share the crafting lifestyle with someone who does not normally wear glasses (we made a set for our grandson).  The glasses themselves have blue blocker lenses and are good for people who spend time in front of a screen (phone, tablet or computer).Off-brand Non-prescription Blue Blocking Glasses with Accessories – Dirty Board Game
  2. We also released our Owl-eye and owlet series.  A group of fun winglike deigns for several different frame styles.  This adds to our overall unique designs, and we hope people enjoy either the large (owl eye) or the petite (owlet).There be Owls here (with magnets attached) – Dirty Board Game   Of course, if you really want to show some "flair" our Winged product is the one for you.Wonderful winged world with magnets attached – Dirty Board Game
  3. We also made the decision to offer just the SVG files as a digital download for only $1.  Our desire is to let the crafters out there cut paper that will fit any of our printed toppers.  Perhaps you have a unique set of paper designs and a cricut and you just want to create some different options.  The SVG files make all that possible.SVG Files for Digital Download – Dirty Board Game
  4. Finally, as promised before our extended vacation, the completed 3D printed Dirtyboard game.  We decided to sell this as pieces allowing for storage and transport without needing a lot of space.  If you have the new board and you just want to make it permanent, use model glue and let set for a day (be careful not to put glue in the leg holes!).3D Printed Dirtyboard game – Dirty Board Game

We are pleased to offer all these new options and as usual, we still print super thin and feel like our toppers provide great quality ant a fair price.  Have a look around and send us a note at dirtyboardgame@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions.

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