3D Printed Dirtyboard game -ready to assemble and play

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Experience unforgettable family fun with our 3D Printed Dirty Board Game. Ready-to-assemble and with up to 8 players, it's a great way to spice up game nights. With 8 vibrant colors, a storage box and card holder included, you can enjoy hours of fun at home or out on your latest travel adventure.  Bring your family and invite your friends - this game is a blast!!

These game boards are 3D printed using PLA.  PLA is a plant-based plastic meaning it is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. All parts and pieces are manufactured in our US based home office.  These are truly unique products.  

We build these as orders are received and will keep buyers updated on current status of each board.  The board and the connector ring will always be white or opaque. Playing piece and card holder colors will vary.

Easy to assemble, store or take with you. Two to eight player board.

What is included:

  • 4 Corner pieces.
  • 1 ring to hold the pieces together.
  • 1 flat round piece to help with stability when board is glued permanently.
  • 8 color sets (colors will vary).
  • 1 center piece card holder (color will vary).
  • Six extra starting blocks in board color for when number of players is fewer than 8.
  • Storage box to use if you decide not to permanently glue board.
  • Parts tray for inside the box.
  • Parts tray cover to help keep pieces in place in the box.
  • Box cover.
  • 1 set of playing instructions.

Cards are not included as part of this set.