Dirty Board rules

Winners and Losers

By DirtyBoardGame.com


Suggested Rules: (But as with all games, House Rules prevail)

Shuffle two decks of standard poker playing cards including jokers. Deal 5 cards per player.


The player to the left of the dealer starts the play. Each player plays one card per turn and moves their pegs according to the move values below. After all cards have been played or discarded, deal 5 more cards to each player. One player deals the entire deck, then the next player deals.

Value of the Cards:

Ace: Come out or move one space forward.

2 - 3: Move the face value of the card forward.

4: Move peg 4 spaces backward.

5 - 6: Move the face value of the card forward.

7: Can be moved in a single play or can be split amongst two or more of players pieces. All 7 moves must be used. If unable to use all seven moves the card is not playable and must be discarded or a different card must be used.

8 - 10: Move the face value of the card forward.

Jack: Move 11 places forward. Or trade places with any player not in homebase or their start spot.

Queen: Move 12 places forward. Or circle the loop from your own start spot to the end of the circle.

King and Joker:  Come out only, no forward movement.

NOTE: The 7 is the only card that can be split among more than one peg.

If you are not able to start play (no Ace, King or Joker) for two deals you must use your lowest card as a get out card on the third deal. There are two holes at the bottom of your waiting area to help keep track of your inability to play.

Short Cut:  If you land on a spot on the circle, you may then go around the circle.  You must end your move on the circle.  If you are in your start spot you may use a Queen to get on and go around the circle.

You must play a card if possible, even if you must send your partner back to their waiting area. If you cannot play, then discard one card per round.

If you land on any peg it goes back to that player’s waiting area.

You cannot pass any peg in its own start spot.

You cannot pass your own peg.

Players may not pass their “end of the circle” while moving in the circle unless using a 4 card.

When your pegs are all home, you use your cards to help your partner.

The only safe areas are homebase and your start spot.

No consultation between partners.