The Patriot Stack

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A set of three toppers in one package.  This set comes in Red - for the standard style (think of what style it "fits") such as Fitztwain. White for the hybrid version such as the Twanda (a Fitztwain with slight cat eye expansion). Finally, Blue for the extreme adaptation to the hybrid (Twanda with higher, more pronounced "cat eyes").

Each topper can still be worn individually (all three have magnets and are ready to go) or wear them as a set.

All three toppers are printed in our thinner, ultra-light design. Each topper is printed as close to 1MM thick as our printers will allow. Magnets can be seen through the thinner material (the pictures show this) and you may want to add a small charm over the corners to complete the impact.

Please note - these are 3D printed and starts/stops are obvious as with other blanks printed this way.  Please zoom in closely to see how each topper looks on the appropriate frame.  You will see colors peeking through occasionally and depending on your angle, you might also see frames peeking slightly through.

Red, White and Blue is all we offer for this, our Patriot package.